150Mps AV200 Poweline Starter kit-TP-link



150 MBPS AV200 Wireless N powerline Extender starter kit

What This Product Does

TP-LINK’s TL-WPA271 KIT uses your home’s existing electrical wires to create or expand your home network. With the TL-WPA271KIT, devices can either receive an internet connection wirelessly or by using an Ethernet cable, making internet connection available anywhere in your house. With a 200Mbps Powerline link rate and a 150Mbps wireless N rate, the TL-WPA271KIT is ideal for bandwidth consuming applications like video streaming, online gaming and Internet calls.


• HomePlug AV standard compliant, high-speed data transfer rate of up to 200Mbps, ideal for HD video or 3D video streaming and online gaming.
• 150Mbps wireless N rate.
• Mains Filter for better Powerline communication performance.
• Use existing electrical wiring.
• Up to a 985 foot (300 meters) range over a home’s electrical circuit for better performance through walls or across floors.
• Plug and Play, no new wires or configuration required.
• Easily connect and secure your network with push button security (“Pair”/“WPS” button).
• Built-in QoS assures the quality of bandwidth sensitive applications such as voice, video and online games.
• Supports IGMP managed multicast IP transmission, optimizes IPTV streaming.


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