Null Modem Cable Female to Female DB9 RS232 Serial F-F Wire



Serial Cable female to Female Extersion DB9 9 Pin RS232 MF COM Port Wire

RS232 DB9 9 Pin Female to Female Serial Port Cable

Be used for the connection between the computer and serial devices and transfer the signals between them.
It allows you to use bridge or connectivity between the PC and serial port interface.

Interface: Male to Female
Length: 6 Ft
Connector 1: 9 Pin DB9 Male
Connector 2: 9 Pin DB9 Female
Connection: Direct connection
Serial Male to female extension cable.
DB9 Pin Extension Cable with great technology can satisfy your daily demand.
High-fidelity design, anti-interference ability, to reduce transmission signal attenuation, have a good effect.
For computer and tax control machines, CNC machine tools, PDA, Modem, set-top boxes, bar code machines, meters and other serial devices to connect and transmit their signals


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