Portable Laptop Cooler Magic Cooling USB Air Fan for Notebook Computer


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Icce Troll Portable Laptop Cooler

The real-time temperature control technology: the only exclusive research and development of MCU chip, can keep track of the current temperature of the laptop, and the real-time automatic adjust the signal source to a receiver function of the fan. The higher the temperature, the stronger the signal, the higher the fan speed, and vice versa
The thermal conductivity, cooling rapidly
Powerful mute, sound-absorbing cotton: skills guarantee dumping cooling can achieve low noise
Small size, easy to carry
CPU control, charm blu-ray: can open, may be shut, can switch
The multi-function LCD display: independent showed that the temperature of the laptop and radiator of the speed
Rated voltage: DC 5V

Material: Plastic
Voltage: 5V
Power: USB to DC powered
Size: 15.5?8.3?4.0cm


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